Hug me please?

It’s the side hugs that matter

When you’re feeling clingy

The type you lean on for support

And when you’re leaving in a hurry
It’s the hugs you force on people

To show them that you care

Though they’re a lil reluctant

The tighter the hug shall get
It’s the hugs so suffocating

That deprives your lungs of air

Letting you know you’re someone’s universe

Without you, they’d be lost
It’s the hugs that sweep

You right off your feet

That teaches you to have faith

In the person you’re hugging
It’s the hugs that just fit

Like a puzzle piece of two bodies

That tell you where you belong,

Your corner of the world
It’s the hugs you give yourself

In a cold dark room

Where all you need is comfort

Only God can provide
Yet the hugs which are most important

Are the ones amidst the flowing tears

Cocooned in people who are your home

Waiting for your broken pieces

To be stitched back with love

Abigail Lim, Selangor.