God spent a little too much time on you.

I’ve never seen the world’s beauty all molded into one. 

Your demeanor is something that I crave for all the time. 

You’re that tiny, insignificant object that breaks all my sanity that I’ve been holding onto for so long. 

Ah you’re too good to believe. 

But it’s sad how it’s all heavily one sided.

How my thoughts are about you and I’m not even one of yours.

Unrequited infatuation is something I’ve tasted too many times and now, it tastes bitter.

But you’ll never know how it feels because who wouldn’t want such a beauty?

You make me feel all kinds of things ,

From fireworks to death being my savior.

You’re like that perfect squire in shining armor in my eyes.

Gallant, valiant and extravagant. 

You can’t stand in the day because you make the sun shameful of its beauty nor can you stand in the night because your eyes shine brighter than the stars.

Your presence just seeps into my skin and makes me incredibly crazy.

I am crazy for you and it’s going to take a long while for me to get out of this web. 

It feels so wrong yet so right. 

Bliss or a curse, I don’t know what but it makes me feel alive. 

This rush, this adrenaline is amazing but it’s sad how I have to feel it alone without you by my side.

You’re perfect and I’m not the one who’s going to be telling you that. 


Vydehgi Pillai.