Expect the unexpected

Expect the unexpected they say,

And I have to say they’re never wrong.
You suddenly threw words at me,

Without a valid reason,

I was beyond hurt of course,

But did it ever dawn upon you to apologize?

Or did you ever think that what you said could actually sting?
Oh my bad!

You only would if you cared,

I was a fool to chase you around,

And invest so many things of mine into you.
God has saved me for showing me the truth early,

Not before it was too late.

I can still accept it now,

But forgetting it would be challenge.
I hate how i need to face your ravishing face everyday,

And breathe the same air.

It’s a shame how happy you used to make me feel,

How you were the subject in my writings.
But hey,

All this has happened for a reason,

And I guess it’s better than,

False hope.

Vydehgi Pillay, KL.