“Mama, where do babies come from?”

Asked the little one with a cute frown.

“Hmm, let me see.”

“A nice birdy crane brought you for daddy and me.”


“Mama, were you and daddy happy to receive me?”

Asked the little one with a big fat smile

“Very my darling and will always be.”




“Mama, do babies die?”

Asked the little one with a cry

“Hmm, yes love, babies do die sometimes”

“Why, mama? Why at times?”

“Because sometimes the nature is cruel, humans are weak and society is scary.”

“At times we have to give in and we lost wearily.”


“Really mama?”

“Really my pumpkin, that’s why.”







“Mama, is that why I have to go?”

Asked the little one with teary eyes

“Yes my baby, I’m afraid I have to let you go”

“Can’t I at least meet you and daddy before I die?”

“Cannot my darling, mama cannot wait till that late”


“Mama, do you love me?”

Asked the little one with a quiet voice

“More than anything, you are why I rejoice”

“But, you don’t want me mama”

“How is that, love?”


“With all my heart I desire you”

“With all my heart I want you”

“But, I cannot afford to have you”

Physically, I cannot own you”

“Spiritually and mentally,”

“You, my baby, I love you.”


“My baby,”

“Will you forgive me? Will you love me?”

Asked mama, shakily and tearfully holding her tummy.

“Baby? Please answer me.”

“Mama, I’ll wait for you on the other side”

“I am weary, I am too weak, I am dying”

“I’ll answer you, on the other side.”

Nadia Falisha, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan