Let go

Maybe he will never find an answer,

maybe he was never meant to,

sometimes it’s better left unsaid,

better left unanswered.

What he feels is excruciating,

what he doesn’t know is the heaven after,

all these ache will pass,

all these broken pieces will mend,

all these torn hearts will eventually be stitched,

he should know that there’ll always be scars,

always something to bring back the hurt and the pain,

but the scars are the reminder,

where you were once broken and apart,

and you healed yourself and put yourself together,

you are strong enough to let go of the past,

let go of the hurting,

move on, darling,

you are worth much more,

don’t let these thoughts crowd your dreams,

make a living,

live a life worth living,

not at a constant regret with the past,

it’s the past that got you here,

where you are now,

don’t turn back,

go on straight,

make more mistakes,

different mistakes,

don’t repeat,

learn from them,

you are worth much more

than these haunting thoughts about the past,

let go.

“Keep moving forward.”

14 October 2015