The heart was calm

The heart was calm,

but the moment you entered,

you wreaked a storm.
“How could a being be so mesmerizing?”

I always ask myself.

and I feel myself getting tangled in the web of love,

all over again.
When you walk by,

the air smells like a garden of fresh roses,

the eyes see tulips bloom exaggeratingly,

and the heart profusely flutters.
You’re that miniscule sliver that just pierced

my tender heart with love.

and I hate that I’m crazy over you,

that you’re forever on my mind.
My very dreams revolve around you,

are about you.

Days become weeks and weeks become months,

my infatuation for you was growing by the day.
Do you want to know what my weakness is?

it’s your voice.

and whenever you speak,

the blissful melodies flirt with my eardrums.
One day, I’d probably write you a letter,

and slip it under your desk,

maybe just maybe,

you’d feel the same way.
You’d come find me

and say,

“I’m enraptured by you too”

and I’d smile brightly.
But I always forget that it’s

Vydehgi Pillay, Kuala Lumpur.