Your eyes

I have been longing for your eyes, 

i have been craving for this liberation,

but while the containment and caged in you,

to get lost in your eyes is a dream,

to know what the world is through yours,

to know your definition of love,

ever since i laid my eyes on yours,

the stories been glowing through this hazel screen,

the universe behind your camera,

this movie that you watch,

this hurt bottling in you,

the treasured broken souls,

the masterpiece of art,

the parade of love,

scenes after scenes,

your heart that beats only for her,

but my heart beats for your eyes,

to see right through me,

to eye my love,

to eye my attention that i crave,

eye to eye,

feels like the kisses i deserve,

these hurdles and walls

I’ve walked over and broke down,

just to see your eyes sparkle from the light of the world,

to experience this adventure with you,

your eyes hold the love i need.

The world looks better through your eyes,

maybe that’s why i want to be with you,

i want to know you,

i want to know what it’s like to see the world,

to see these souls,

to see these colours,

to feel the love,

to experience such magnificence,
i long for this retreat.

Yoghini Kandasamy, KL