To my unfinished poems

To my unfinished poems,

the ones that will never see the light of day.

The ones that sit and pray

To be more than just a fantasy.

I need you to know that I’m sorry.

Sorry for not being brave enough to show you off to the world,

Sorry for not having enough strength to sew you up and make you perfect,

Sorry for not being able to give you enough so you could be just right,

Sorry the I didn’t have the strength to write.

To my unfinished poems,

The smell of coffee and stains of tears

Will always remain on your tattered pages.

The wails in the middle of the night

Of all the strife and plight

That I had to witness with my innocent little eyes.

To my unfinished poems,

Dry up your little eyes,

I know it’s hard to only see the night sky,

To never know the glimmer of light,

To be an incomplete work of art,

But darlings,

Don’t you see,

How even when you’re incomplete,

You’re still so very special to me.

Riya Sarna, KL.
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