Opportunity cost

Opportunity cost

I first came across Opportunity cost in my Economics class ,

When the prof of my class looked at us and asked us on what it does,

Everyone flipped the pages in rush because we did not want the class to turn into volcanic ash,

but I knew I won the dash , so, I raised my hand to the class and asked

“Guys, Opportunity cost is the value we leave behind, for choosing the other one to dine,

It sacrifices, for the betterment of our life.”

That day,when I came back home, I revised as if I was reading about Rome,

Romantic and Historic,

That moment I knew I was lost in confusion, we didn’t first meet in that situation,

Because the first Opportunity cost I met was never that serious,

In fact he was actually hilarious,

He made me laugh with his oddness, Angry with his advice and choices,

When he chose to work in Malaysia over Tanzania,

When he chose to work in a canteen when he was a chief in a team,

When he sent me to a religious tuition centre, when all I ever wanted was a violin lesson tutor,

Lastly, when he spent most of his life in the mosque than playing golf,

But just like Opportunity Cost, he sacrificed.

That night,when he laid down, and was still able to smile, telling my daughter & son, you’ll be fine,

He reminded me that there are more things in life than choosing a dollar sign as a friend for your…


Such as spending time with our bloodline, which is something I used to decline.

Something so near like the fresh air, sometimes polluted air, it let’s you respire,

Something so far like the morning sun, sometimes the swollen sun, always inspires,

Something in the north, or maybe like that one in the south,

Perhaps right now he has got himself new apprentices like how I was his,

A wanna-be debater who couldn’t choose between inferiority and fear,

But he cured by calling me a winner ,

When I was always just a dreamer,

But when the whole team left as good speakers…

And could better argue than before like true leaders…

Opportunity cost was still standing there as a proud teacher

But he still stuttered and said, “remember, you guys are always amateurs,”

Who still don’t have much to offer,

And I still remember, how I came across this hunter,

With the most handsome character,  a man of honor,

That day, when he pulled the trigger, I still can’t  believe I surrendered,

I felt like the happiest prisoner, filled with unexplained tears,

Not tears of a strong mummy, when she allows the scratch to be sketched along her tummy,

Just to see her newborn baby,

who especially today,

Who today, has become a runaway prisoner, because she’s running for what’s forever,

For that, I love Opportunity cost, especially for what she does. She sacrifices , for the betterment of her…


By Dalilah Azhar, KL.

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