Don’t let China Win

For the badminton pundits in this country, there are a great

many of them…

In their eyes, the greatest badminton player is Lee Chong

Wei , a true Malaysian…

If you are the disbelieving kind, kindly do a Google search

on this household name…

Be duly amazed at the plethora of achievements and records

to back up his fame…

Wherever he goes, other Asian fans clamoured too for photo

sessions and his fame..

Die hard badminton fans will swear by his name, so pervasive

is his racket fame…
His greatest rival to enduring world wide fame is the

immensely popular Lin Dan..

A very volatile yet gifted badminton genius who dismantled

opponents as they came..

In a country of billions, the undisputed Chinese star in

world badminton is Super Dan…

You name any badminton title of world class, he has got the

lot, he got them all..

Twice Olympic gold medalists, at the expense of

perennial rival Lee Chong Wei.. 

A great number of other world accolades, Lee Chong Wei was

regularly the bridesmaid..
Recently, towards the end of 2015, the great Lee Chong Wei

was aged 32..

In a high tempo explosive game like badminton, he was easily

an ancient veteran…

Many a younger world class player has long retired, usually

from burn-out or injuries…

Not Lee Chong Wei, not this country’s greatest badminton

hero and eternal great…

In 2 consecutive 5 starred tournaments, he sent off packing

his greatest rival Lin Dan..

So much so that his subsequent matches and eventual wins

were such a let down..
Around then the local social media was awashed with an
amusing anecdote..

That serves seemingly an improbable explanation for his

latest triumphs on court..

Given his all too frequent losses to Super Dan in countless

semi finals and finals..

Someone observed his initials being LCW, a bad omen that

will Let China Win..

The country’s top badminton patron, the wife of the Prime

Minister, she declared..

LCW should rightfully be given the country’s topmost

honorific sport title, Datuk..

So it came to pass, Lee Chong Wei is now honored as Datuk

Lee Chong Wei..
Lee Chong Wei’s name initials, from the bad omen of Let

China Win as in LCW…

He is now initialed DLCW, a change of fortunes will follow

because of his new name..

For his very name is now initialed as DLCW, meaning

Don’t Let China Win..

That, folks, explains simply why from now on, the great

Datuk Lee Chong Wei..

No surprises if he reigns supreme over all his Chinese

badminton rivals, come what may..

Jimmy Chin K.