A kidney tale

It is a sorry tale that greeted this writer in his early morning read….
Of a schoolboy and his kidney that had to be separated in earnest..

Headlined Boy Loses kidney After Falling Into Uncovered Manhole…
It happened somewhere there in Klang, a very bustling urban town…

There is even a picture of the manhole, gaping wide in its unholy glory..
Even of a woman in the picture, who is shown sidestepping it nimbly…

Reading further, it is distressing to read how an innocent boy of 15…
In his usual short walk towards school on one fine early morning….

Ended up in hospital  in excruciating pain and a swollen abdomen…
One of his kidney had to be removed in order his life is not endangered..

A most startling observation was his innocent comment about manholes…
He said there were a number of them, mostly uncovered and all gaping holes…

To his credit and pedestrians there in general, one has to be nimble….
One has to be quick if one is is to avoid falling into a whole lot of trouble…

Our boy hero in this tale of misfortune, he suffered and lived to tell a tale…
Of the gross dereliction of duty in the government officials in mmaintenance..

They need to maintain the pedestrian walk, how could there be manhole traps..
With the many manholes left gaping wide, danger threatens at every step…

To a man in the street, paying local council assessments and various taxes….
It is not too much to ask that public facilities be proper and safety standards be up to date..

The poor boy in this tale, his loving parents, they are sorely aggrieved and angry..
Legal action is in their next plan of action, may they get their kidney’s worth of damages…

But as the picture shows, those manholes are gaping wide and still uncovered…
They are there, lying in wait, hoping to catch some other unfortunate passerby..

Oh how very sad the depths of apathy and the indifference of the local councilors..
Neglecting their duties, they are very guilty for this rather sad and sorry story..


Jimmy Chin K.

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