My name is Zhafir, and it means victory in Arabic,

Some of you might think I seem strange, but you don’t know the half of it,
I’m a pacifist and I, dislike confrontation,
I, crumble into tears when I get too frustrated and,
Most of my past teachers tell me that I’m smart,
But lazy as lazy gets,
I’m talkative as xxxx,
And I curse like I’ve got Tourett’s,
Most of my friends say I’m the most carefree person they’ve ever met,

But to be honest, I have more than a few regrets,
I regret, quitting the piano at age six,
And not putting more effort in my academics,
And lately I’ve been feeling xxxx,
It’s like I’m in a pit,
And I fall into a deeper and darker one, each time I try to get out of it,
I am feeling sxxx,
and I only feel better when I spit, and I admit, I admit.
I’ve got a confession, I’ve fallen into a state of mental depression

I’ve got everything I could ever ask for,
But I can’t count my blessings despite the math lessons,
I need you God to answer some questions,
No I need you God to please give some directions, just to show where I’m heading,
Cause I’m just 21 and I just don’t know where to turn,
No I’m 21 and there’s already so many bridges that I’ve burned
No I’m 21 and the money that I have is not the money that I’ve earned
No I’m 21 and realize there’s so many things I’ve yet to learn.  
My biggest weakness is I’m a hypocrite, no I hate hypocrites,
My weakness is I’m consistently inconsistent xxxx,

You don’t believe me I’mma give you an example,

I consider myself a religious man but I smoke and drink and gamble,
I love my family but I spend my time with my friends
And I regret my past decisions but I’d do it all again
Cause I know that it made me strong if not it helped me write this song

And I know, I know, this is my destiny all along, 

I’m a kleptomaniac that means I take things literally
But chill I just do it for the thrill cause nine times out of ten I can afford the things that I steal
I’m just trying to keep it real but still.
I weigh about 90 kilos and I’m six feet plus, wait, that’s a lie,
I’m under six feet it’s like I’m buried alive,
I mean I grew up in a family of five,
That’s me my dad and my mum,
My older brother and my younger brother umm,
My older brother’s doing an MBA and my younger brother’s doing nothing,

But hey, let’s get that sxxx out the way and just get back to me.

Cause I’m an average dude and this is how average do,
But if you were a middle child in middle class with life giving you the middle finger then you’d be average too,
I’m an average Malay dude (that’s trying to get viewed) that means I pray, about five, four, three times a day
I mean what else can I say I said I smoke about a pack a day but this year (I swear to God) I’m trying to throw the packs away ,

For the same reasons I’ve started exercising,

Just so I can better my health,
I try my best to do the best with the cards that I’ve been dealt,
I wrote this song for the fame and the girls and the wealth,

Zhafir Johari.