Chinese New Year, Malacca – MMXVI

What stuttering sparks in this dark night doth stammer?

     In which Children play sparkles and pop-pop,

The rich red grownups their crackers hammer    

    Can in keeping shou sui the monster stop.

No sparing the Rakshasa, no mercy, nor sleep.

     Nor any shrill of wailing save the cracker’s spark

The dinner now over, Xing Yun this year keep;

     And aunties calling out, come in its getting dark.


What joyful countenance, behold young and old!

     The young of happy food and packets red.

The old of yester-years and families dead. 

     Shall shine in tender memories like gold.

May these your joyful roars leave no throats dry,

    Kong Hei, Xin Nian Quai Le, Kong Xi Fatt Chai!


Matthew Jerome van Huizen, Seremban.