Many to do, difficult to manage and goals so high
Makes me wonder why I think I can reach the sky

I stopped my track and I looked around

Many peers are off the ground

I see wings with diamonds, gold and silver

With happiness that shatters

Shattered my strength it did, and it left fluttered

Why my lord? 

Am I fated to be doomed?


Nay, you are fooled!

Dawdle, twiddle, idle

Is all your mind and body cradle

Excuses by excuses you spit

The aftermath now you must lick

When one shed blood, tears and sweat

You refused, you ran and hide under a mat

Cannot, later, tomorrow, after

Is all you choose to mutter

You refused and now you are of no use

No one to blame but you



Where there is a will, there is a way. Put all of your excuses away.


Nadia Falisha, Port Dickson.

Image from WeHeartIt.com