She raised you

Like a fragile plant

That always yearned for the sun.

She kept you guarded from

Any harm

And held you close,

Even though that meant

Letting your thorns pierce

Through her bones.

And what did you give her

In return?


She touched you

with only the delicate parts of her hands

and kept her rough edges


to make sure

you’d never have to know

how rough life had been to her.

To make sure

You’d never have to feel the same.

She protected you

from even the slightest pain

from the slightest of friction.

And what did you give her

in return?


She handled you gently

like a porcelain doll

or a carved masterpiece

made of glass.

She knew just how fragile

you were.

She carried you with utmost


bearing your weight

on her hunched shoulders.

And what did you give her

in return?


She perfected you

and healed

all the broken parts

and scratches and scars

you obtained from growing up.

She loved you with every drip of blood than ran

in her veins

pumping in and out of her aging, slowing heart

weary from life

but always full of love

for you.

She loved you with all

your imperfections.

and what did you give her

in return?


Nothing but broken bones and bruises.


Yet she can look at them –

scars and spots of black and blue

feel their throbbing pain

and still look at you from a distance

and quietly whisper,

“I love you, no matter what.”


You were, and always will be, to her –

a perfect work of art.


Dhabitah, KL.