My mother

I miss my mother,

I really do,

There is no other,

Who does what she dos.
I’ve known her all my life,

From a lil girl to now a wife,

And each day as I grow,

I appreciate her even more.
As annoying as she is,

Far more loving she is,

As mad as she drives me,

Far more she cares for me.
I seldom let her know,

How much I love her so,

For words lack the puff,

To ever thank her enough.
I’m not the best of daughter,

But I try hard not to totter,

However, I mostly fail,

To follow her amicable trail.
No matter come what may,

Despite being far & away,

I know she’ll always be there,

For I may outgrow her laps but never her heart.


~The Poetic Soul~, Ipoh.