Don’t tell her

Don’t tell her

You like to sit outside the cafe’

Opposite the window with an umbrella above your head

Force her to sit beside you although she likes

to read the lines of your forehead when you try to light 

up the sparks of the conversation directly

without shooting your bold shoulders first

So you can save a spot if I ever walk-in for

a cup of latte,

it won’t be awkward to say hi after a long time,

Not to forget about the air breeze that messes up my hair

so you can twirl your fingers and slide the sides to the back 

of my ears.
Don’t tell her

Both of you slept in the sub instead of the master bedroom

Because you don’t want to mistaken her eyes with mine

As she wakes up from her deep slumber

Recall the fights that haunted you from the day my feet strengthen 

to shrug your convincing whispers off and leave

Avoid from mentioning my name after you say ‘goodnight’ while

excitedly waiting for dreams of me falling into your arms

You do know that’s definitely impossible,do you?
Don’t tell her

You never collected any of Westlife albums during 

your college years

In fact,you despised them

You secretly keep one before returning it to me because

I loved to sing Seasons In The Sun in the car and not hearing them 

will hit you hard that no one will accompany you to work and

tell you stories about family and pet cats as she has her own 

Range Rover whilst I waited for the next bus.
Don’t tell her

You bought cherry pie instead of apple crumbles for supper

because it resembles my rosy cheeks

Preferred ice lemon tea than soda during movie night outs

because a sip of carbonate makes me sick 


Maleen Balqish, Klang.

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