Your love was an illusion

It was easy as an A. B. C,

You complicated it to be C. A. B,

I thought love was a wonderful journey,

But lately,

It had been very stormy,

Maybe it was an imperfect junction,

Love seem to be a surface with full of friction,

Or was I in the wrong direction?

Never once you thought,

The prestige of my love,

Never once you thought,

That people would laugh at us,

You left me in pain,

My love was just a vain,

You left me in confusion,

You ignored my devotion,

Now I realize,

Your love was just an illusion,

Your departure broke me into tears,

Your words filled my heart with blisters,

The dreams we use to share,

Now they have disappeared into the air.

Param Lehl, Perak.