My dad was my star

If I’m a big sister,

my younger lil princess is going to call me her star,

instead of a sister,

then only she’ll realise that if she has anything on her mind,

she could make a wish to me

even I can’t give her all because I’m just a star.

But I promise, I will try to serve the best for her.

I will pat her shoulder when she’s wishing upon the star,

And I’ll tell her, “When a person wish upon a star,

they are actually million years too late,

so you shouldn’t depend too much

from all these superficial beautiful things ,

because if you do, it will someday push you too hard,

Especially when they explode, trust me.

Those are the days that you wont see any stars anymore

Even when thousand are actually blinking.

See, I’m an aquarius and my constellation will appear every september night

I was waiting impatiently for it but there was one night in september,

it’s not that my constellation was’nt there,

ironically i was the one who hid inside my room,

because the star to your big sister just exploded

The world outside was too distasteful to her.

Yet, she learned.

Stars explode because they are too old,

When they already tired of blinking, they can stop.  

but thats how star gave power to the galaxy

more than how sun gave light to the earth.

One day baby, your big sister will explode too,

So when you got my power,

Don’t forget to continue shining,

so they’ll keep looking up to the sky,

Since you are then the star.



Dalilah Ashikin Azhar, Kajang