The Nasi Lemak

oohh.. those delicious Nasi Lemak
Origin that defies all logic ,

Made traditionally the way it was,

of simple ingredients,

A Malaysian supremacy in the culinary art….

Fragrance aroma of fine spices,

Fried anchovies with faint smell of the sea,

Hot searing sensation of the chili,

Made creamy and smooth with coconut milk…

Spicy santan belacan that lights the beacon of my gastronomy light,

With roasted peanuts and freshly slide cucumber,

And pandan flavored cooked rice,

A wholesome meal that the fat Colonel would much envied….

A simple dish available at all corners,

Melts your heart at the thought of it,

That will not burn holes in your pockets,

Best consume with a hot glass of teh tarik….

I’ve love you since time remembrance,

As we journey through time,

Even with so many variations and tastes,

You will always be in my thought….

 When I’m hungry.


Tofu the Cat

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