I miss you

I miss you. 

I missed you 

When I woke up. 

I missed you 

When I went to bed. 

I missed you 

In between the sound of every vowels and consonants vibrated from the mouths of people that talked to me while you were gone. 

I missed you 

When I try not to cry everytime I see you and just swallow the bitter gulp of my spit in.

I missed you most 

When I laughed and stopped instantly realizing that it was not shared with you. 

Only you.

I missed you 

When I sat alone in the dark listening to every sad love song 

I felt like it was written for us. 

Our tragedy. 
But at the same time I see you 

I see you 

In all the little pieces of my life.

I think of you 

When I am scared 

I feel you 

Within every moment everyday without even trying

And worst of all 

I wouldnt have it any other way

Im okay

Are you ?


Nabilah Jasmine, KL