If I were a superhero…

If I were a superhero,
I think I’d blast all the power crazed people out from their position.

I don’t care if you’re a firm partner or a minister, it’d be my number one mission.

I’d finally get to interrogate them with my super strength and “HOW COULD YOU AFFORD THIS?!”

Answer me now or feel the wrath of my radioactive fists.

Your powerful connections and cables are no match against my x-ray visioned eyes.

I can see right through you even through your public made lies.

Tell the truth thy leaders before more innocent people die.

If I were a superhero, 

I’d stop any wrongful arrest from happening everyday,

Of people who were honestly saying what they wanted to say.

Placing a barrier on the freedom of speech, preventing anyone from going through.

I would create a forcefield to protect the truth, only known by a few.
If I were a superhero,

I would super speed to stop any one sided propaganda from reaching the news,

With my super senses, I would halt any racist policies before they get loose.

I would reach out with my telepathy to make people understand,

That there’s not only one race who has the right to own this land.

If I were a superhero,

I’d be the police for the moral police.

With my telekenisis, i’d physically cause their raiding to cease.

My healing powers will cure them from their anger against foreign ideas,

Extinguishing their ego and all forms of fires.

I’d walk through walls to prevent religious classes from being a brain washing session,

And allow the students to discuss of God and question.

You see, being a superhero is not about fighting the bad guys and their sins.

It’s about fighting the idea that bad guys can win.

It’s about making them realise that their powerful status is no match against the power of good.

And making sure they perform to us what they promised in the elections they would.

It’s not about the cape or my act of jumping across buildings in the night,

It’s about reminding people that even in the darkness there is still light.

And then you realise…
You do not need powers to make this country better.

comic books just teaches you, that you have the potential to be greater.

You and I don’t need my super strength or laser eyes to stop the radical from marching.

You and I just need to vote well and stand when evil is coming.

though… i might keep my super speed if I were to ever be late… Or

When I’m dying for IKEA meatballs and the line is too long to wait.


Puteri Eleni, KL.

*written for the 100 Thousand Poets for Change Event organised by Poetry Cafe KL.

Image from WeHeartIt.Com