My Country

I truly love my country,

Despite all it’s flaws,

Looking back at history,

It’s suffered enough claws.
I’ve lived here all my life,

From a lil girl to now a wife,

It’s given me a lot with much to offer,

Indeed a rare gem hidden in a coffer.
It’s rich in cultural diversity,

But trapped in political adversity,

Yet there’s so much unity,

For we are one Malaysia community.
It’s like a wonderful treasure box,

Offering something for every block,

Keeping people busy around the clock,

Yet standing strong like a rock.
Where else can you find,

A delicious rojak country like mine,

It offers food choices so fine,

You’ll even have to wait in line.
Malaysia ku is home like no other,

For we’re all sisters & brothers,

We’re not defined by our races,

One at heart though different faces.
No matter come what may,

There’ll be no place for hay,

As together strong we lay,

Nobody else has any say.
I pray for its peace & harmony,

Though the eagle claws are many,

But there’s still a little hope tree,

The time my Malaysia will be free.


~The Poetic Soul~, Ipoh