A journey to the Moon

A space journey to the Moon

A small step taken by one man,

Becomes a giant leap for mankind ;

Symbol of great victory in space exploration.

A lone walk to the orchard ;

Returning with ripe hairy fruits in his hands ;

And of wounded hand and sore feet ;

Sweet rambutans for the savour of his beloved children.

TV images of the Apollo 13 landing on the Moon ;

Strange place with silver suits astronauts ;

Blaring the greatest achievement of mankind ;

A race to epitomize the glory of the human spirit.

Sweet nectar of the hairy fruits ;

Re-kindles memories of my dear Father ;

With so much sacrifice and untold miseries ;

To make all ends meets.

My Father’s journey through life ;

In giving the best for his family ;

Was far , a greater achievement ;

Than landing a man on the Moon.

Thank You.

Tofu the Cat