One could dream

One Could Dream (Stop This Country, I Wanna Get Off)
I woke up today to the blaring sound of my alarm clock

(Which by the way, is the opening theme for Game of Thrones)

I woke up today to the annual haze and the annual haze

and the frustrating traffic of our great, great city.
I walked past headlines on printed newspapers

contradicting whatever headlines it is I’m reading

on the tiny screen in my hand.
I ate my breakfast while scrolling through comments

on some comments some politician made and thought…
“Man, we get off on these!”

They’re serving this like they’re serving half-naked ladies

on every poster in the 90’s.
Newsflash: The future is now!

And typing real fast on your touch screen phone

is the post-modern masturbation.
And aren’t we all doing it.
I spent my day always finding a way to overhear

some bigoted, racist remark on the radio

everywhere I turn.
I spent my day seeing a generation so lost;

finding an identity

in a world where trending hashtags change faster

than you can say “I’m original”.
Let’s be honest:

We’re living amidst a violent shitstorm.

We’re living a bad comedy series of pop politics, reality TVs,

and shock values with more weight than the truth.

We’re living every possible hypocrisies

behind every “demi bangsa, agama dan negara”.
We’re living amidst a violent storm

and I see a generation praying hard for the calm after.
As do I.
Because one could dream.
Like one could dream that one day,

race and religion is no longer a section on every form they fill.
And in my dreams, we all dream of revolution;

dancing drunk to an endless celebration which had lasted over 58 years

with this beautiful glass sculpture of a country hanging by a thread.
By any chance it should fall and shatter as we sleep tonight,

we’ll wake up tomorrow as hydrogen gas & stardust

in the beginning of time,

We’ll make up tomorrow grey as clay

so we can build ourselves up again.

Without any black and white to tell us

that you and I are of different blood.

Without any black and white to tell us

that you and I are not brethren by default.
Then again,

Maybe this country is not what we read on the news, social media, etc

Maybe this country is not what we see on TV everyday.

Maybe this country is not whatever a politician may say it is.
Maybe, just maybe,

This country is what happens when I stand in front of you and say-
“Come, give me a hug.”
Maybe then, we’d be able to shed our skin on common ground.

I mean, one could dream.


Azizan Afi