Sweet as honey

Sweet as honey,

As infatuation struck in the thy deepest core,

Surging like beautiful vines,

into every part of your soul ,

Confused and bewildered ,

It annihilates all senses of logic,

As you surrender unconditionally;

to the strange heavenly sensation,

Tickling the very core of your naked body……

Hypnotic aphrodisiac concoction of mean proportions ,

Strange pleasure alchemy that seizes your heart ,

Overwhelm by the feeling of “Love” ,

Your enchanted spirit is floating in air,

Exhausted and thrilled,

You fell in love,

You wanted to be a part of someone’s life….

In the darkest corner of thy heart,

Lust is bursting out with a vengeance,

Masquerading as fallen angel of Love,

A desire to possess,

A devious deed to conquer,

Wild, intense and ferocious,

to take your body and soul,

In the short moments of pleasure,

Realisation of its true intentions,

become imminent ….

 In the hopeless turns,

Came Love in its silver armor ,

On a majestic White Horse,

Whispering to you that all is not lost ,

Your quest for love is not in futile,

With time and sacrifice, and a little prayer,

For Love is hiding in the furthest corner of your heart,

Waiting for you to reach out to Him…..

Lust fades away with only taste of pleasure,

Love lives forever in your heart, growing, maturing to the very end…

Find your true love. Let it be free.

El amor verdade se esconde tu corazon

True Love is hiding in your heart.

Thank You.


Tofu the Cat