My Super Sister

My life was empty before you,

My heart was waiting to have someone like you,

My eyes was searching for the kind hearted person like you,

That is you will always you,

She is a sister of my life,

Not by blood but by heart,

She is beautiful and I call her Miss Universe,

She is special plus she is wise,

She is the boss,

She is the eldest,

among the rest,

She is the greatest,

I will always use her way,because she is the Queen,

She will always shine and forever bling,

A very big thank you,

For filling my heart with the love from you,

and I promise 

I’ll be always there for you…

Kiren is her name,

Good fortune is my friend

Being a super sister is her fame,

I’m blessed with this relationship which will never end…..

Saren Shergill, Perak.