The burden of a curse

For I am not the one you want
Even if you think I am the one

But you choose to believe none
Promises are made

Sweet words are spoken

It will then be the blade

That will cut you open

As to designation of fate

Leaving you hurt and broken
I am not the one to blame

For it is you who is caught in the flame

Having thought that i might feel the same

For all i know this is nothing but a game
Loving somebody for eternity

Without having the ability

To be with that cherished somebody

Driving you to the edge of insanity
Shall be the curse no one can lift

A burden too heavy to carry

Shall it serves as the last of my gift

Before i leave in a hurry

Setting my heart adrift

From the one which i have loved so dearly
For our path will never cross

Even if does, never will it stay

We aren”t fated to be together

Shall it remain that way forever

A fact that can never be bother 


Him Ull, Seri Iskandar, Perak