A Woman

A woman,

Is a God’s divine creation,

From her born another human,

Her love is as deep as an ocean,

She is soft and elegant,

Yet strong,

That she could fight any demon,

Treat her right,

And your world would be heaven.
A woman,

Is beautiful in her own way,

She comes in all size and weight,

Powerful is she,

You could fall under her sway,

Tenacious is she,

She works the whole day,

Out of home, and then in home,

Yet a word she would never say.
A woman,

Judged for what she wears,

But not asked,

For what she fears,

She too need a lending ear.
A woman,

Judged for her looks,

Or if she could make a good cook,

For what she thinks,

Who she meets,

Where she goes,

Bears when even called a hoe.
A woman,

Judged for how she speaks,

Why she stinks,

But not asked what made her weak,

Yea, she bears all,

But no one understands,

She isn’t a doll.
A woman,

Will always be a part of everyone’s life,

As a wife,

A mother,

A sister or a daughter.
A woman,

Maybe sometimes naive,

Her feelings like a hidden cave,

She is not a slave,

She is not a sex symbol,

So what?

If she had pimples or wrinkles,

Or maybe simple,

She could still be an idol.
A woman,

Is like a treasure,

Don’t degrade her,

She wants respect, she doesn’t request,

Precious is she like a diamond,

At times, she maybe insane,


Because she too is just a human,

A woman.

Param Lehl, Perak. 

Image from WeHeartIt