Being Equal- Part 3

In moments of true revelation,

Men and Women are to be uniquely different,

Women hold the key to human existence,

Passing down the generations in their miraculous wombs,

Nurturing an embryo into a conscious being,

Like a pulsating star waiting to come into this World.

Women has the Power to change the World ;


“An embryo coming into existence,

Nine months in a mother’s womb,

Guide the child toward the righteous path,

Educate the child with the touch of an angel,

Love the child with all their might.”

‘Years of infanthood to adults,

Nurture the child into decent human being’

In epilogue,

Men destroys like the ferocious fire,

Women heals like the aesthetical pure water;

Men charges like the raging bull,

Women dances like the mythical unicorn;

Men gnaws like the ravaging locusts,

Women endures like the beautiful butterflies;

Men and Women should live in harmony,

In opposite equilibrium,

Yet we still live in a crazy chaotic world….


Tofu the Cat


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