Being Equal- Part 2

Maradona was a great football player,

Men created football that mimics actual wars,

With brutal and cunning strategies to win,

And the Winner takes it all….

Women follow the games of Men,

Playing football like Eric Cantona,

With skill that balance the ball perfectly on their ‘contoured’ chests,

Bruise, cramps and blue-black are the sign of the day…

Yet cries for equal opportunities thunder across the horizon,

Strange heavens in their hearts,

Like the darker side of the Moon,

Remained an enigma as to its true intention…

Contemplation to hurt bordered by malevolent deeds,

Men thrilled at conquering the weak and evitable,

So enshrined in their grotesque Temple of Doom,

Symbol of great manhood in its purest form…

Fear rides like vicious roller-coasters,

Like the bad worm that gnaws in the lower bowel,

Men’s world is hysterically absurd,

Where fear is the key to control and manipulate….

Yet women cries foul,

Wanting a piece of the action,

Demanding a part of his pathetic world,

Holding to it just to be equal to Men….

Women can never be equal in a Men’s world,

For being equal is to be different and unique,

Being naturally female is to be equal to none,

For Men has no equal in a Women’s world….

Part 2 of 3


Tofu the Cat


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