Being Equal- Part 1

Men made his own world,

With ancient tools and ingenuity,

Fighting the brutal might of nature,

Bringing food for the survival of his kinds…..

Civilization evolved over the ages,

Men live in his artificial sanctuaries,

Within the subtle confines of his law and norms,

Surreal citadels stand erected in the midst of nature…

Science and technology bolts like lightning,

With achievements that glorifies the spirit of Mankind,

Machinery pushes human ingenuity into the realms of materialism,

Progress is measured by wealth and fame….

Monuments of progress stand amidst Men’s concrete jungle,

Pushing ever deeper into envelopes of progress,

Diminishing nature’s precious resources by the seconds,

Artificial wealth cherished only by Men’s pathetic narcissism….

World War II created new opportunities for women,

As they drove out in force to defend the ‘Motherland’

Tolling in cramp, humid factories,

Building the Nation to fend all odds…

Women explored the new gained freedom,

Seeking equal opportunities and independence,

Behaving like men in a Men’s world,

Where materialistic wealth is epitomized….

Women movements liberated more poor souls,

Dogmatic journeys that sounds strange,

Carving a world for women mirrored by Men’s,

Cries of injustice abound as they began to act like men…

Part 1 of 3


Tofu the Cat