The Smokers’ Poem

 Time passes me in many ways ,

Like smoke from a burning cigarette ,

Swirling up into the air,

With no clear directions,

My lungs are tortured with nicotine ,

For the last few years…..


Rolling palls of cigarette smoke as I go,

Smoking like a steam locomotive ,

Dry coughs spill the silent nights ,

Piercing the stillness in rapturous waves ,

Strong emotions holding back the tensions ,

Weakening my health by the day….


Hard to see in endless screens of smoke,

Puffing like a factory chimney ,

As I burn my lungs away ,

Foul odors filled my space that never falters ,

For I am an idiot trying to be in control ,

as I am burning my life away….


Dry as the funeral drums ,

As I am laid to rest, six feet under ,

Wonder why my life gone up in smoke ,

Leaving love ones in tears ,

Fading away in reluctant apprehension,

Legacy marked only by a pathetic tomb stone….



Tofu the Cat.