Four Seasons (A love story)

Whiteness covers the horizon in my furthest sight ,
With sheer sensation of piercing coldness ,

Intensified by the relentless North Wind,

And in Winter’s aesthetical whiteness ,

As Winter whispers its diminutive farewell,

I saw your sad pale white face…
Graceful East Wind sounding the arrival of Spring ,

Flowers blossoming with sweet eccentric fragrance ,

Butterflies adorn the colours of the rainbow ,

And of sweet melodious humming of the bumble bees ,

As Spring comes in vibrant colours ,

I saw your excited blushed countenance…


Distant thunders echo the coming of Summer ,

Lightning bolts illuminate the Spirit of Summer ,

The South Wind’s cascading rain nourishes the souls of the living ,

Spring faded away like a reluctant shy maiden,

As Summer comes in intense styles ,

I saw your happy enchanted countenance…


Summer departs like a raging bull with the West Wind,

As Autumn cloaks the season in nostalgic mood ,

Decaying musk odor that never falters ,

Re-kindles memories of days gone by ,

In sepia hues and fading colours ,

I saw your vain astrayed countenance…


In the radiant warm of the morning Sun ,

Under the cold silhouette of the mystical Moon ,

Time shall not condemned ;

Nor shall age confined ;

Words shall not defined ;

Nor shall deeds restrained ;
The love that I have for you…. 

For you are the beautiful soft white sandy beach ,

For I am the ravaging ocean waves ,

Wherever you were,

I will be there…


Hugging you in eternal warm embrace.

Tofu the Cat