Man in the Mirror

1. Envy, jealousy and wrath

Common in everyone’s path

Towards happiness of others

Especially successes received by peers

2. We want and yearn for the same

Yet, we couldn’t achieved that aim

Then we learn to blame

Point here, there, all is the same

3. Ah, a weakness is there

For we never admit our blare

The only way to succeed

Is to tackle the problem indeed

4. Man in the mirror is it

The problem which caused the defeat

We live and we conquer

Often forgetting the conqueror

5. Everybody makes mistakes

Now, step back and dissect

Find the fault and correct it back

Despite the time it takes

6. Correcting is never easy

As damage might be big or small

It can be severe like virus or more

Please, don’t give up and fall

Think of our goal and believe

By changing, it can be achieved

7. Nothing worth having ever comes easy

A fact to remember when we are weary

Where there is a will there is a way

A guide when we are swayed


Nadia Falisha Azlan Shah Aziz, Port Dickson.

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