Hope, Lost and Found

Life’s a quest and we’re all searching for serenity and cognisance.

Some people search for fame and money somehow or rather.

Some search for love and a significant other.

Some search for a home to return to when the night gets cold.

Some wonder if they will live to be old.

I was searching for serendipity, ironically.

Trying to untangle the twisted lies i’d told myself all these while,

with the blades of each thread i cut myself.

Somnolence was a friend, heightened,

With the amount of greens swindled in my homeland my empathy dwindled.

So i brought myself to a distant land.

And there, 4000 miles away

A woman smiled at me the sweetest smile on the train back to Flinders Street Station and said her





Life’s a quest and we’re all searching for cognisance.

I found mine in a luckless life

It was hidden beneath the spilth i spewed

Into the waterways of god’s gifts i never recognised.

Dear Sarah,

‘Wa nahnu aqrabu ilaihi min hablil warid’.

‘He is closer to you than your jugular vein.’


Sarah Syahirah, Pahang


image taken from We Heart it

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