Forgive Me My Dear

How I wish, I have you again in my life

For the pain of missing you makes me cry

Life without you is so much of strife

And let me tell you I have no more pride

Your love was precious I did not realize

The warmth was really true but I was not wise

You were all so sincere I could not analyze

I regret so much you are not in my life

It was all passionate the love breathe of your heart

You were so compassionate when you made me your part

And like a blind fool I let our love go apart

Now I am groping in the dark without my life’s chart

The feelings of my days with you are still fresh

You are a precious jewel I have thrown like a trash

Why did all this happen for my life is now in a mess?

I want you back my love before my body goes to ash

My tears roll when I think of all that has happened

My heart aches and it’s numb with my spirits dampened

My life’s directions are lost and the road is now darkened

I am just waiting for you to say I am pardoned

Please come back my love wherever you may be

Make up for our gloomy days as you wish it be

My Mastery will do all the way you want it to be

I know sure you will come my love to be with me


Raken Marimuthu, Selangor.


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