Wants, wants, wants,

The heart often chants,
Needs, needs, needs,

The life’s actual feed.
Which is which?

Switch it switch,

Focus on wants & not needs,

You slowly eliminate greed.
But it’s easier said than done,

Coz we’re humans next to none,

Always eyeing & comparing,

Trapped in envy’s bearing.
Oh, she has that! I want it too!

Look at his watch! I want two!
You see it’s not easy at all,

In the well of wants, it’s easy to fall,

Everyone wants everything,

Not just somethings.
But only if you knew,

You actually need just a few,

Life’s not measured by possessions,

It’s much deeper; like having compassion.
You only start enjoying life,

When we stop wanting rife,

Be happy with your lil blessings,

Some are without shelter & dressing.
Learn to appreciate what you have

Before it becomes what you had,

I’m not here to preach,

Cause I know life is no peach.
But keep calm & don’t take the hit,

Always make the best out of it,

Be happy with what you’ve got,

I assure you’ll be a happier lot!

~The Poetic Soul~, Ipoh