Can you feel the weight of my words as it travels to you
Fast enough?
How my string of words speed through the terminals of your mind
Nestling there, as a miniscule thought, a concept, a vision – growing
Hear me. My words disguised through the echoes of your voice
So here I am.
I’m there. You’re here. We’re here
In this space. In your space. In our space
In this moment. In your moment. Creating moments.
Do you hear me? Us?
Or just you?
Spaces. What are they?
Empty, gaps, valleys, places, rooms, availability, distance, time…
Am I close enough and you close to me?
These spaces reduced…
Can you feel it? The ripples. It somehow found its way to you.
Surely, I’m not the first to make its mark
Or to be horded among others here
I wonder what it’s like to be your atoms.
To speak like you, think like you, live like you and be you.
Perhaps now you’ll wonder the same
What are atoms really made of then?


Rachel Cape, Sarawak.

noa06image credits to Noa Knafo

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