Hauntings of the past

Sometimes i sit and wonder about the things i have done,And the choices I’ve made.

Sometimes i wonder if i was too harsh or too truthful.

Sometimes i wonder what could have been or what i could have changed.

Sometimes I see the faces of those i had liked, 

And those that still stand by me.

I see faces of friends lost in time,

And friends lost to love.

I see friends in need 

And i see friends indeed.

I see love found and love lost,

I see laughter and joy change to silence and stares.

I see friends become enemies and enemies become friends,

Yet who are we on this earth without each other?

Maybe it was me and maybe it was you,

But what’s life but a wheel of fortune?

Lucky today, unlucky tomorrow,

Friends tonight, enemies at dawn,

Such is the fickle nature of our lives.

As i watch the sun set just over the horizon,

I think to myself that it’s just another day,

Tomorrow’s dawn will bring a new story,

With hopes and dreams and disappointments alike,

Friends and lovers, happiness and games

Or enemies and haters, sorrow and guilt. 

I’ll remember the faces constant, 

And forget the ones only there when I’m flying,

For life may be dynamic and changing,

But those who remain deserve loyalty undying.


Isaac Pereira, KL.