Two Thousand Fifteen

Have faith in He, if you dare,

God is mine that is all I care.

Silence is purgatory, speech is hell.

Wear your scarves and keep it down. All will go well.

Run children! Run and never come back.

For those who do will lose their track.

Poor and pitiful are those who stay and fight.

A war between the wrong and the white.

The spine of the Constitution is dead.

Scribbled, slashed. Forgotten of what was once said.

A tool for use to undermine.

Document dead, lost in time.

Teach us please, but that is not so.

Love us now, but you’ve let us go.

My eyes, my hearts do not make me entitled.

A silent war that was never settled.

Scratch his back, and he will scratch yours.

Clawing high to open doors.

A heavy weight falls on one side.

But alas, all loud voices have died.

Two thousand fifteen, the pictures unseen.

A period of change, of turmoil, painted serene.

The lighted path stays narrow and thin.

Two thousand fifteen. A year to which I have been.

What’s going to happen in two thousand sixteen?


Puteri Eleni

Image made by KLSketchNation in conjunction with EnglishJer’s HundredHundred Event at the 2015 Cooler Lumpur Festival.


One thought on “Two Thousand Fifteen

  1. Do not pluck out my eyes
    Just because my tears roll down
    Do not strike off my nose
    Just for the reason I sneeze
    My eye and nose are all part of you
    When we are gone you too are gone.

    Stay my love for this is still haven
    The few can rock the boat
    But Malaysia will not sink
    Where can we go when its the same
    The Lord will be there to protect us
    Stay for He is our Shepherd

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