The Girl From The Other Side

It`s not a distant place
where the Others reside
but it`s rarely found by us
for it`s not to be seen by mere eyes
It`s the Soul that we need to use
to be able to reside at the same time
in two worlds apart- at two places at once
but when children talk, it`s just nonsense.
Was it wrong? I wondered
To care for someone only I could see?
She looked up at me, her onyx eyes worried.
She could sense- deep in my soul- disturbance.
At first, all was good- we were both happy
We had each other, when times were good or deary
But nothing`s ever allowed to stay stagnant for long
And as I grew up, the adults stopped playing along.
They told me that children kept `imaginary friends`
(that`s what they called her, those insolent souls)
at most till they`re six, no longer than seven.
But she`s real! As real as the flesh on my skin!
It was when she smiled at me
that I knew all was going to be alright
for she came from the Other Side
and maybe she knew, that I wanted to set things right
I ruffle her dark hair
planted a kiss on her forehead
told her that I love her
And her cheeks turned shades of red
Everything was going to be okay
we would run far, far away.
Her world was different from your world and mine
and as I`ve said once before, nothing stays stagnant- all must change.
Resna Naidu, Penang.

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