Why do you care me about me anyway?

Because it gives me a reason to breathe, to wake up the next day, 

Because my hand is magnetically drawn to yours, as my lips, and every vein in me. 

The blood that flows in my body, gushes even faster when I catch your scent, and my eyes sees everything all the more brighter. 

Because, Mondays were mundane before you came along and everyday was a Friday after. 

Because this moment right now, where I am apart from you,

It does not make sense…

The fact that we ought be together but we aren’t 

And we could and we should, and because saying I love you is too cliché,

And I’d have to gather all reasons anyway, to prove that I care for you, sincerely, truly, More than everyone combined ever could. 

You gave reason to my labyrinth of questions, and became the origin on my Cartesian plane.

That, is why.


Azalea Azarae, SG Buloh.