From Hana to Aly

What do you want, Love ?

Why do you always act like the waves that keep crashing on the sand castle I have built and just drifts away the next moment, Love ?
Why do you do that again and again and again, Love ?

I have honestly never felt hurt by you, Love.
Would I not call you Love if I have, Love ?

I am just puzzled by your actions, Love.
I know you were hurt, Love.

You hit the boulders countless of times, Love
And it is an absolute honor to comfort you, Love.
Can you not be the waves, Love ?

Instead be the sand that insist on sticking on my hair, my clothes, my bag, my shoes and follow me everywhere, Love.

Do you know how I feel right now and then whenever you crossed my mind, Love ?
Why do you think I still call you Love, Love ?


Nun Najmeen, KL


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