A woman’s face

Hear it scream and shriek,

As patience reaches its highest peak.
Hear it shrill at its highest pitch.
As you unthread that deep stitch.
Feel it throb in your veins,
As you swallow your pride in vain.
Feel it break within your soul,
As you feel your fury go cold.
See it sink and drown,
Your sanity holding it bound,
See it slip, yes, slip away,
Your grip in life, as you stay.
Taste it for a little while,
Your frustrations are like bile.
Taste the bitterness of the honey,
Your strength, your personality.
Smell the fear and breathe in fast,
Beautiful like the rose but alas,
Smell the odour of defeat within her,
Untouched and alone. Do not go further.
Puteri Eleni
woman-face-in-shadow (2)

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