Reign of your beauty never cease in my heart
Be it now or after 60 years apart
Your radiant light charms brilliantly
It sparkles and dazzles and shines heavenly
Your soothing aura emanates peacefully.

Atrocious playful side hidden beneath the beaut
Unleashed time to time to please
A beauty acting like a beast at times
Well, I find that normal, fun and also fine.

Frantic soul of yours in difficult moment
So deep to find unless it is spoken
Your shaky troubled soul hidden within
A chirpy cherry mask portrayed therein
The pains you always feel
Forgive me dearest when I can’t see
I never meant my blindness to be.
Hey Ho! Fine heroine you are!
Going through battles wielding your scars
Your might never fail to amaze me
In describing how strong a person can be
The wounds will heal but the scar will not
I pray one day you will eventually forgot
But I am being stupid naive am I not?

Affectionate character of yours
From dear to the dearest you adore
It spins my head sometimes
To watch the amount you give
Rather small than the amount you received
Fear not!
Your benevolent is a gift
Championed by all
To those who receive it all.

Nimble fingers of yours flutters and flies
As if they have their very own lives
They craft and create artistically
Unveiling the skills of their master brilliantly
A gift descendent to you
Do not despair if many do not understand it too
You see, your art is of elegant and high value
Worshipped and appreciated by those who felt it too

Ah! An intelligent girl indeed
Bright in life and bright in books
Sometimes you will step on hooks
But that is normal indeed
For in life there are crooks for you to get rid
And it will sharpen your mind indeed

Never ending tales about you
That shows how much I love you
No, I will never get bored of you
A gift from god that is you
13 years of together with you
Many pains and joys with you
I will always be with you
Alive in my du’a is you
I absolutely cherish you
No word is good enough to describe you
But please, this is my present for you
Do accept it, Thank you.



Nadia Falisha Azlan Shah Aziz, Negeri Sembilan.


scattered emotions


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