Crimson Moon

Under the bloody crimson moon,
Destruction does not end so soon,
As I swam in the crimson water,
For all eternity I gave a prayer,

The light of halo is fading,
Never we know what others are saying,
A reality that is irritating,
However it is our own making,

I walk solemnly on a lane,
All I see is suffering and pain,
This world has gone insane,
What left are tears in the rain,

Play a song of sorrow,
Waiting for tomorrow,
Time seems so slow,
Never we realize an old vow,

Hoping the future to be bright,
Full of radiance and light,
In this quiet sacred night,
It will be a dream deep inside,

Cold breeze touches this skin,
I wake up and follow the wind,
As it was grief all along,
Light a cradle, a peaceful final song.


Elyasha Badely, KL

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