The Least Poem-like Poem

Parents fight and people die,

Tears are but the secretion of the eye,

Faith’s a phony, faith is dead,

It must be true because a scientist said,

Not extreme enough is conservative,

Too extreme will be argued to a moderate,

Freedom is liberty to say what I want,

Freedom to rebuttal is a hate crime unjust,

Everything under the sun that touch the skin,

We’ve lampooned and haha-ed to a fading grin,

I saw a caption state “I’m crazy, only God can judge.”

Don’t worry the filter will wipe away the smudge,

But wait, I’m afraid the caption might be right,

With the immortal buried and no solids in sight,

Justice is dead and values change like tide.


Samuel Lim Jiang Han, Selangor.

large (2)image taken from WeHeartIt


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