Ups, Downs, and Calming Downs

It’s nice to be thunder.

So powerful.
And as the storm grows stronger,
You feel… Unstoppable…
It’s nice to be fire.
So dangerous.
And as the fire grows higher,
You feel… Ferocious.
We think anger is answer.
Our fists make us wild beasts.
We think our tears shed our fears.
And our shouts would stop the drought.
And as the loud drums turn down,
And the screeches turn to sounds,
You realise that this is not right,
And maybe there is some light…
In this lonely world,
In this dark spiral,
Never ending…
To you.
And I see.
I see you.
Your attention.
Your mentions.
Your face.
Your pace.
And like ink in water,
It clears out forever.
The thing inside me.
All thanks to you, see.
Puteri Eleni, KL

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