The First

A quiet room is sounded
A dark room is lit
A heart so wounded
A cure now he greets
The cure so strong
The one he grasp
Then apply it with a song
The song he likes
It’s the cure that makes him sing
It’s something that makes him think
It’s something that makes him keep questioning
It’s a cure I know but what is this thing?
Fortunately now he found the answer
For a guy like him that hates to wonder
Funny that beforehand he didn’t  see the grandeur
For a cure so exquisite that comes from a lover
Now he knows the cure is love
Never before he thinks he deserves
Not at all to deny the gift from above
“Nay, it’s too grand for me” he observes
Except the fact it’s too welcoming
Entering the holes in the heart like fillings
Extinguishes all the hurt in a blink
Explicitly, a blessing to his life that it brings
Now he sees that he cannot resist it
Not in a million years this would happen again
Noble love that’s so true, awesome and great
No way that he would let it down the drain
In a nutshell,  this is it
In God he believes it’s fate
“I love this girl” he said
Indefinitely that’s the truth and that’s it.
Atif Abdullah, Temerloh, Pahang.

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